WordPress Templates from Template Monster

I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about Template Monster and I can bet that you’ve seen templates there that made you say “wow”.

Since WordPress is one of the most important blog platform out there, I’m sure that everyone is looking for WordPress themes that can make their future website look amazing.

Fortunately for you, Template Monster has a lot of WordPress templates to choose from:

Apart from that the price for a modern theme, professionally designed and well structured can be purchased at only $52 / theme. A good and fair price for good themes like the ones found on Template Monster.

I was looking for a one-page template to host my portfolio and I saw the template #33986 and i think that this might be the one.

You can view more details about this template here and can see the live demo here.

Will let you guys know when I’ve setup that template and I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Until then if you’re looking for professional wordpress templates head over to www.templatemonster.com and select yours.

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