Why Flash has Become an Essential Component of Web Design


Flash has remained an integral part of web design since its first foundations in the mid-1990s along with the subsequent rise in internet usage.  Once Macromedia acquired the software in 1996, the company took off with this innovative development, combining the previous FutureWave and FutureSplash into the present-day Flash, which has transformed web development and its design ever since.  Websites would not be able to function in the methods as we know them to without this type of early software foundation.

Flash has evolved from its original inception of animation to include modern day rich Internet applications, and has transformed itself to be able to keep up with the many changes that have swept through the internet world.  It can now manipulate vectors and other graphics within web pages, as well as keep a constant stream of video and audio on the specific websites it infiltrates.  Certain files which exist only in the ShockWave Flash format can only be played using a standalone Flash player, or other such media players such as Quicktime.  These types of incorporations made the internet an even more accessible domain through which we could watch video and hear music or other audio snippets from websites.  Macromedia Flash become Adobe Flash in 2007, and was updated this year to include other features from Adobe Photoshop.
The Flash revolution has paved the way for sites such as YouTube to host so much video content, even leading the way in the online video industry.  However, there is still not a common video format, and while most videos can be played using the generic Flash player, many still have problems due to many different extensions that the file may have.  This has presented a problem for web developers for years, although it remains to be easier to simply use a generic extension that is easily accessible through the Flash player.

Flash has been a component of web design that has truly revolutionized our lives; without this type of portal through which to watch various bits of media, we would still be relying on outside media filters which would further impede any new internet technologies from forming.  With the internet evolving at such a fast pace, it is amazing that we reached the level that early with this type of software development.  Internet media would not have been the same without the integral creation of Flash, and the fact that the internet has evolved as a result of this technology is a telling sign that new software is the realm of the future of internet production.

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7 thoughts on “Why Flash has Become an Essential Component of Web Design”

  1. Very good post,,I like it.I love flash and if I couldn’t use it in my web designs I’d blow my brains out. I love the fact anything is possible with flash subtle designs or in your face, the options are endless.Thanks

  2. Yeah good points, btw with the release of adobe search engine SDK flash websites will become much more SEO friendly and as a result much more popular. Cause SE optimization was a real issue for the guys who invested in flash sites. Thus I don’t think we will say good bye to flash, unless silverlight finishes it. But Ihave serious doubts bout that :-)

  3. I love flash but sometimes people go a little overboard with it; A very simple, sharp design in flash is best

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