What’s your favorite blog monetization?


Have you ever had a problem with Google Adsense ? Did they removed your account? suspended it?Well there are a lot of other adsense like alternatives, you just need to try them out and see witch one suits you best.

For this post I want to see what other people use for monetizing their blog / website. I’m curious but I feel like I already know the answer, and thats Google Adsense :) . Well they do pay the best, and most of advertisers buy ads on their network so you don’t have to be afraid that ads will not show on your blog / website.

Anyway below is a complete list of Adsense Alternatives:

Want more ? :)

Here is a few more…




FastClick – Textads

Bannerboxes: http://www.bannerboxes.com/ they always paid on time.

Just added ContexWeb

Added ClickAdsDirect and Adgenta

industry brains

Hope you will find something that will suit your blog and make you a lot of money :)

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