WDB New Skin

wdb new skin

wdb new theme

If you can believe the fact that almost a month ago WDB server hard drives crashed and everything was lost… now not only WDB is back online and restoring everything with your help, WDB has a new skin, face, theme or whatever you like to call it.

I was thinking for very long in switching to a new theme, considering that I have been using the old theme for over 3 years.

Let’s hope this one raises to your expectations.

I personally like it most because of the wider post body, meaning larger images, better view, etc.

With the new theme design there are some new ad spots available for those who want to sponsor WDB and get a maximum exposure. You can see the new ad spots in the sidebar, top right. If you would like to advertise there please see the advertising page.

You can leave your feedback right here as a comment.

You can say what’s your preferred theme, the new one or the old one.

Also please remember that I’m currently adding new features to the theme so if you find a bug somewhere please leave a reply.

11 thoughts on “WDB New Skin”

  1. Freaked me out, because the layout changed AS I was signing up for premium. Quite humorous actually. Looks great though!

  2. I follow you guys a lot and I am happy everything is back to normal! keep up the good work. There is a lot of useful information on your site.

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