Various free vector graphics

Its a long night here, probably a long day at you considering the time difference between my country and the visitors that I get, most of you are from the US and I’m on the other side of the earth :) .

I’ve decided before I go to sleep to add some more free vector graphics to my collection and hope you’ll enjoy them. For this pack I’m using a random vector graphics, such as signs, sky with some birds, human faces, a city, some joy pads and more.

You can download all the above directly from our server if you support our bandwidth costs or you can download from depositfiles.

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8 thoughts on “Various free vector graphics”

  1. This files are for Adobe Illustrator to use with!
    If you see the .eps format that means adobe illustrator. Install the latest version and try them out…

  2. Nice! I really like the music-themed one! Thank you!

    Um, I’m sure you know this, but, you can use Photoshop to open .eps and .ai files. Since they are all Adobe, they are interchangeable. A box will open. Set the desired size, resolution and color mode and click ‘Ok’. It will then turn into a raster, so, make certain you set the opening parameters large enough.


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