So wondering why I haven’t post anything? I’m out on a short vacancy, so I can’t post any new vector graphics, tutorials or something else. I will be back shortly with some more vector graphics so stay tuned. Until then check out the other free vector graphics that can be downloaded or maybe you need some free templates.

5 thoughts on “Vacancy”

  1. Hey there! I love Vector graphics! These on your blog are especially cool. I used to use quite a bit of vector graphics on my website. That is before I needed someone to handle professional web design for me. As my traffic increased over the years I came to realize that I could no longer care for my site on my own. That’s why I hired MediaBlend. They offer affordable hosting in Orange County and are by far the most reliable company I’ve looked at or used.

    I simply send my content to them, including all my artwork (I still work with vector graphics) and they take care of it right away. They even created a few online survey’s for me too so that I can get feedback through my site. If you start getting bogged down and need to hand off your site duties to someone else check them out!

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