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If you’re new on twitter or already a “pro” a cool twitter search can be useful and also fun for you. With Taylor Digital Team Twitter Search you can search for things on Twitter on real time!

This Twitter Phrase Search is a great way to view tweets from twitter in real time and analyze what programs/methods are being used to post. We have seen many ways to view, read and organize tweets but splitting them up by the method used to post can be useful for the general user (popularity of a device) or people holding contests with #hashtags or key phrases. You can see if you only attract people at home, or if you interest people “on the go” as well.

Search for the phrase “I just got pulled over” to see right now 29 people posted it from the web. Are they being entirely truthful? This tool can be used in many ways, but trend tracking or phrase searches work well with the graph display.


You can find me also on twitter, come and say HI :)

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