Top Mistakes in Web Design


Welcome to Internet era and online shopping, online teaching, online trading are the common factors nowadays in internet era. Web design is an effective interface between technology and people. A website is both a producer and also a killer. Common mistakes in preparation of web pages itself make us killed or bring less traffic to website. Let us see the common mistakes one by one and how to rectify them.


Content is the heart of any web page. Though content is rich, readability is the main factor in bringing more visitors to the site. If the font is too small, too big or mixed, users lost their interest in viewing the web page. Moreover, it brings confusion to them. Highlighting the simple words, though help the search engine to search the site easily, consistent traffic to the page will be increased only when the look and feel of web page in terms of font is attractive and readable. Cross browser compatibility need to be taken care while using fonts. Some guidelines for font are keeping IMPACT for heading and ARIAL for body. Proper font sizes, font colors, using a grid system and following the rules of spacing, alignment throughout the life of website can help to overcome the typographical mistakes.

Lack of Web standards

Web standards include tools for easier usability. They are tableless CSS and HTML 5. Cross browser functionality can be best achieved and hence they are used to make site search engine friendlier, reduce bandwidth, etc. World is running horse. Consistent update of content with latest web standards bring more traffic to site. Adding SEO wordpress plugins make the navigation of web pages faster i.e. a content can be searched via smart links placed in the web page.

Lazy loading of images and contents

People often like to dumb maximum information in a page with lot of images, lot of explanations. Lot of images in home page make the website to slow down its performance. Though search engine produce the page in the top 10 search list, users will not wait till the webpage to get downloaded fully.

Improper design techniques

Users main interest is to get information from website first rather than seeing how a website look. Proper design techniques meaning redirecting the users to specific webpage with the required contents in readable and pleasant environment. Improper design techniques like adding lot of advertisements, adding more secured authentication even for viewing basic information sometimes tempts/irritates the users to move from our web page.

Navigational failure

It is quite common that website will get outdated and there are possibilities of 404 errors. Instead of throwing blind 404 errors, Redirection is the SEO wordpress plugin available It redirects to 301 redirect and hence if a particular page is moved to different location and when search result provides earlier links, Redirection plugin helps to redirect the old link to new link without any haste.

Improper Information

Users come to a website for knowing the detailed information. Introductory websites provide the data that users anticipate and also there are chances that users will be raising their queries as well to know the depth of a product. Consistent and periodic proper information update is required or the user will get distracted from the website. Keeping a forum will help to understand the positive and negative feedback about the website. According to the forum responses, website owner responsibility is to take care of all negative feedback.


Content can be managed by Content management system. Effective look and feel can be provided by means of many latest SEO plugins. SEO tools along with SEO plugins help the webpage search engine friendlier. A website developer should keep the above points in mind while developing the webpage and need to overcome for gaining more business.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She is an avid golfer and loves shopping fedex ship golf clubs.

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