Top 7 must haves for a perfect WordPress theme

Greg tells his story about 7 must haves for a ideal wordpress them design and structure. He has some good point of view and in all the 7 “must haves” I can agree to all of them excepts the one with the big / large footer. I think that the footer is just for copyright stuff and re-writing the urls from your top menu. But this depends from blog to blog layout.

Anyway a huge footer design isn’t good if you have nothing to show there. If you stick with a clean and simple design you should maintain this “from the head to the feet”.

You can read Greg’s post here.

1 thought on “Top 7 must haves for a perfect WordPress theme”

  1. Nice simple list. I’d prioritize good sidebar navigation and usability over most else. I don’t like blogs with too much or too little going on. I think my blog achieves this balance quite well.

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