Top 10 fonts

This is my top 10 fonts I like, maybe who knows, some of you like them also, not in the same order, but any kind of order. I’ve provided with every image a download link for all free fonts. Enjoy and let me know whats your favourite font from these 10.

  1. Bleeding Cowboys
  2. Blazed
  3. Fantastic Pete
  4. the king and queen
  5. Maksukehoitus
  6. Olympiques
  7. Phorssa
  8. 28 days later
  9. Moonstar
  10. Decemberice

10 thoughts on “Top 10 fonts”

  1. I’m just passing by but personally, as a designer these fonts highlighted doesn’t seem to work for me, most of them are horrible and a little chaotic to use, as they have no order or control. I respect if you like them but not my cup of tea.

    Take Care, :)

  2. Hi Garcya,

    Any chance I can use the Olymique font on a website for some avatars? The website is free for everyone (providing free websites via a subdomain) and the avatars would only be for staff members on the community forum.


  3. I already have bleeding cowboys (so I obviously love it), but I am liking the king queen font. Downloaded and can’t wait to try it out (among the others as well).


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