Top 10 Examples for Logo’s Showing Symmetry Design

When it comes to designing of a logo, there are absolutely no rules and the sky is the limit. It is imperative however that the logo registers itself into the viewers memory and creates a lasting impression. It should also associate with the vision of the owning company. The symmetrical logo, like the one we see for Sun Microsystems ( an ambigram that reads ‘Sun’ from all four directions), somehow seems to have a charm and beauty of its own. Presented here are some creatively made, symmetrical logos that are up for the grabs.

1. The Lion Bird:

Created by Nashifan, this logo has been intended for businesses. Viewed from a distance, one can see part of the face of a lion – the nose, eyes and mouth. From closer, it becomes a bird its wings wide open. The energetic logo indicates that one is a king ( like the lion) in the business and is at the zenith ( like the flying bird).

2. Medical Cannbis Delivery Inc:

Designer Shylesh has created a logo with a symmetry along two axes. The logo has a tri-lobed cannabis leaf at the four corners of a non-existent square. The leaves constitute the medical plus sign between them. It stands for the delivery of cannabis leaf only for medical purposes. The leaf is otherwise used in the manufacture of marijuana.

3. Blu Leone:

This is a logo that has been made by Raja for a clothing business that he intended to start. The vertical axis of symmetry has two leaping lions on either side. The lions are looking back at each other and their tails form a graceful curvaceous structure. They seem to be inspired from the leaping stallion that forms the Ferrari logo. The Ble Leone indent surely seems made for menswear.

4. Mammo:

The creator claims that the woolly mammoth has inspired the creation of the symmetric logo that looks like the cursive letter ‘m’. On closer examination, one does notice the head and tusks of the now-extinct creature. The graceful curves of the logo, however, seem to be perfectly made for some lingerie manufacturer. The shape hints towards the bosom of a woman and the word, ‘mammo’ also seems to amply hint towards it.

5. Coviam:

Any showcase of creative and symmetrical logos cannot be complete without the mention of the Coviam logo. A simple, single line design constitutes the four petals of a flower. With two axes of symmetry, the logo is very pleasing to the eye. Though it is simple in structure, it is profound in its impact. The color of fluorescent orange and black makes this a logo which is hard to miss.

6. Music Skull Records:

Logomotive has got really creative and beautifully symmetric in creation of this logo which can easily become the symbol of a really good and revolutionary music company. A skull has been formed with the keys of a piano serving as the mouth and the notes of music forming the holes for the eyes and nose. The name seems perfect in its message that the company specializes in the ‘golden oldies’ of music which one would have heard as gramophone records.

7. WyldLyfe:

A really wild logo with a wild name has been created by designer Danny Gretta. The logo has the potential to become a world-renowned image like the giant panda of the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature. It has a lion that has been made with a vertical axis of symmetry. It is powerful, majestic and yet delicate and elegant. It reminds one of the fact that the king of beasts which is all powerful is also rapidly declining in numbers and is need of conservation.

8. Equestrian Clothing:

The name explains what the logo stands for. The logo has been created with opposite facing heads of two stallions placed back to back with each other. One of the heads is black and the other is brown. Overall, these heads constitute a shirt! The logo is perfect for use in men’s clothing as the stallions stand for powerful masculinity. Felipe Rojas has been credited for the creation of this logo.

9. Henland:

Ru_Ferret’s idea of a symmetrical logo for any poultry company has resulted in the Henland symbol. The logo is constituted by two crescents facing away from each other symmetrically. The lower ends of these crescents have legs added and the upper ends have a beak with crowns. A few strokes of genius have converted the crescents into hens! An egg sits symmetrically in the center.

10. M-Color:

Abdul Aziz Sahin has created a blue-colored, symmetric logo that is made of the letter M. The central joint of the letter, however, has been replaced with a heart. Subliminally, the two arms of the letter seem to represent the two legs of a woman, curled up, with the sensitive portion covered by a heart. The logo seems perfect for any condom company.

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