The Hobbit Artwork 17 Photo Inspirations

With the world premiere of the movie The Hobbit and considering that I will go and see it this Sunday I’ve figure that I showcase some great artwork done about The Hobbit.

If you’d like to download each image you can follow the link back to the artist or you can download all in one package from our blog. Below are the previews of The Hobbit Artwork

The Hobbit 2012

The Hobbit and Dragon

The Hobbit Art

The Hobbit fan art

The Hobbit four piece sketch card

The Hobbit painting

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit

The Hobbit

The Hobbit: The Arrival

Mirkwood to the Lonely Mountain – A Hobbit’s Tale

The Hobbit “The big reunion”



Thorin Oakenshield – The Hobbit

Hobbit Sketch Cards

Bilbo – The Hobbit

Approach to Rivendell

Galadriel – Lady of Light – The Hobbit


Direct Download Link for All images above

2 thoughts on “The Hobbit Artwork 17 Photo Inspirations”

  1. Well, this was certainly effective! LOL
    With every image I found myself drooling over different parts of these images. I want to do that! LOL
    I guess that is called ‘inspiration’!
    I sure thank you!


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