Switch to Responsive Design to Accelerate Your Website Conversion Rate

Responsive design is not only a popular trend, but also the doorway to success in a highly competitive Web world. But before you try out responsive techniques, it is better to understand why responsive design is important, and how it can help levitate your business.

Benefits of collaborative web design

Web design has become a lot easier because of the big boom in ease of networking. Having open communication between web developers has greatly increased the amount of available knowledge. Web developers and hobbyist designers both love to share their thoughts and tips when it comes to building a website and you can easily find this by browsing one of many forums or blogs that can be found by searching.

20 Brilliant Vector Designs

vector designs 1

Vector graphics can be used for all kinds of visual purposes, from logos and advertising, to cartoons, portraiture and fine art. Software such as Illustrator and Corel Draw have made vector design open to everyone, and its one of those skills thats easy to pick up but full of endless possibility for development. This post brings together 20 examples of brilliant vector design for inspiration and enjoyment.
1. 1310 (Ya-Na)

This wonderful floral composition achieves just the right balance in the cool and warm colours and tones. There’s a nice mixture of drawing styles in each flowery blossom, some of which are simply exquisite.
2. Black Cat for Desert (Recyledwax)

The characters in this brilliant design are dark and cute, and very stylishly drawn.
3. Water (LimKis)