Sothink DHTML Menu with patch

Sothink DHTML MenuSothink DHTML Menu is the most popular JavaScript drop down menu maker currently found on the web. It covers all your DHTML web menu system needs and more. With our brand-new intuitive user interface, it easily creates fully featured cross-browser drop down menus in a visual edit mode. You can generate stylish DHTML menus in minutes with our frequently updated templates. Resource Folder settings and big optimized publishing guide you to add a drop down menu to your pages in a fast and easy way without any hand coding, working both locally and on the web. Free Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and GoLive add-ins help you quickly design your menu and integrate it with your existing web site. Sothink DHTML Menu Builder also generates search-engine-friendly drop down web menus, which therefore can be properly indexed by search engines, such as Google.

You can also create floating buttons with this JavaScript menu maker, not just a menu. If you would like to see some live examples of a floating button that I’ve created please take a look at Radio NoName‘s website, look in the up-left corner and scroll down the page. As you scroll you can see the floating menu coming down and following the rest of the page. Another example is viewable at Radio Resita‘s website. Here you can also see the menu present was built with Sothink DHTML menu builder.

If you like the software you can download Sothink DHTML Menu Builder.

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