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I’ve seen this social bookmarking style on techkeyla and I’ve wanted to have here, on my blog also. After a quick inspection to his blog, who also runs wordpress like I do, I saw that he used a direct script, not a wordpress plugin. I’ve done a little research about the script that gets the url where the user is currently on when submitting your page to a social bookmark and place it on the social bookmark site.

Fair simple, I’ve made the code, and then placed in single.php from my theme folder, in the place I want the icons to show up….

If you want to use the same script, I’ll tell you how and give you the complete script. I’m not a wordpress guru and don’t know how to make a wordpress plugin that will do this for you, but editing a single php file and adding some lines of codes with copy/paste isn’t that hard to.

So here we go: download your files, unzipp the archive and you’ll see there all the social images + socialbookmarking.html -> edit this with your favorite text editor. The code you see there is the entire script that needs to be added to single.php in your wp-content/themes/yourtheme folder.

You can chose to have the images hosted with or you can upload them on your own server and then change the src for each image.

After you have selected all the code, go to wp-conten/themes/yourthemefolder and edit single.php (download to desktop – then edit). Where you want the images to appear is entirely up to you… I have chosen to add them just before the tags and comments and just after the post ends. This is usually the best place to place them.

Paste your code between two center html codes to make them appear on the center of your post, if you want. Here‘s a preview of my single.php with the code pasted.

After you’ve placed the code, save single.php and upload to your server + overwrite the old file.

The script should be up and running now!

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