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Shrink your LONG url


If you are working with referrals you probably want to shrink your long referral url into something very small and “eye catching”. Most users won’t click your link if they see your referral ID placed there and will simply cut out your referral ID and go to the normal website, so there goes bye bye your hard work into promoting your referral page.

The best way is to hide completely your referral ID. You can do this by changing the url completely with some online link shrinking.

On this post I will tell you something that maybe some of you already know and experimented, the tinyurl.com services and an other website with the same services but with more users options.

Tinyurl.com is the most common in URL shrinking. If you have a very long url or you have a referral ID that you want to hide, go to Tinyurl.com and Enter a long URL to make tiny.

This will create any url into something like this http://tinyurl.com/37gnf and will NEVER EXPIRE.

Tinyurl.com works like a charm but if you want MORE features for your short url, like link hits, if you want to see how many users clicked your tiny url, or maybe you want a widget placed in your firefox toolbar in a form of a button, after clicked it will open a new window and you can create your tiny url you will want to try dwarfurl.com‘s services.

If you want to install the addon mentioned up, and have a button in your firefox toolbar follow this link.


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