Save time and increase productivity with these apps and websites

If there’s one thing that most people who work online know it’s that time and productivity go together.  If you use your time correctly productivity goes up.  Use it poorly and, well, you know what happens. The apps and websites featured today help you manage your time and therefore increase your productivity. They can help you to find tools easier, email smarter and blog better, among other things. There’s also one for music because life can’t be all work and no play. If you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity or the productivity of your team have a look below and click on a few of the links.  I promise that none of these will waste your precious time.

 Mighty Deals – A deal a day keeps the online blues away.

Mighty Deals is a great website.  The reason why is because most ‘deal’ sites force you to wade through page after page of junk looking for something that you can actually use in your online business.  I don’t know about you but I really don’t have that kind of time or energy to waste. Mighty Deals  doesn’t waste my time. They have excellent software deals every day as well as graphic design deals and more.  Looking for deals on courses ?  They have those too and much more at really good prices. Quit wasting your time with deal sites that suck and click on their link today.

Best Feature – Their ‘Deal of the Day’ comes right to your inbox if you’re a member, and membership is free.

Boomerang – Taking email to the next level.

I love email but, honestly, sometimes it can be very tedious to sort through, especially if you get a lot.  Even without worrying about Spam it can still keep you busy. Boomerang has a number of different features which I really like, and they’ve made my email a lot less of a chore.  I can write an email now and send it later. Nice.  I can have a reminder sent to me when an email I sent isn’t replied too. Very nice. It can even put an email on hold and then send it again later. Nice and pretty cool too.

Best Feature – Their new mobile app is even more convenient and can go with you everywhere.


tn3Gallery – making the best blog platform even better.

We all know WordPress.  Some of the best blogs on the net are hosted on this excellent platform. tn3Gallery has taken a great blog and makes it better, which is quite an accomplishment. If you use a lot of videos and pictures on your blog I (and you should because they attract visitors and help your blog rank better) you will love the jquery slideshow function and jquery image gallery that this plug-in affords.  The results are quite professional looking, so check it out if you want to make your blog shine even brighter.

Best Feature – tn3Gallery offers multiple skins with different layouts and options. Nice.



My Permissions Cleaner – Because nothing is private anymore.

Privacy is no longer about protecting your personal computer; it’s about controlling who has permissions to access your personal information on the web.  The simple fact is that, over the last few years, all of us (at least those of us that have computers) have been slowly moving all of our data online and, as we’ve done it, giving access to it to hundreds of apps that. If you are really serious about your online privacy (and you should be) My Permissions Cleaner is a must-have app. Use it to see who has permission to use your private data and, if need be, cut them off.

Best Feature – Revoke permissions to your data with a single click.


Rescue Time – Your new virtual boss.

OK, confession time.  I work at home and I am very easily distracted.  Many people who work either at home or in an office have the same problem.  For me, however, there’s nobody looking over my shoulder.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing. Rescue Time has actually helped me be more productive because I can set up specific times that I can’t surf or look at other distractions online.  For an office worker this can be extremely helpful too.  If you need help from distractions check it out. Now I’m off to the fridge for a snack.

Best Feature – Use the app to track employee productivity time.


Zapier – Triggers and actions make things easier.

Let’s say that, every time you get some new pictures of products you want to sell on your website you want to first send them to your DropBox account.  There are a few steps that you have to take each time to do this and , if you do it a lot, that’s a lot of steps and a lot of wasted time.  With Zapier you can set up a ‘trigger’ (the new product picture arriving in your email inbox, for example) with an ‘action’ (sending that pic to your DropBox) and you then have a ‘Zap’ that simplifies that task completely and frees you up for more important tasks.

Best Feature – You can make custom Zaps using hundreds of apps that work with Zapier.


Spotify – Music the way it was meant to be; free and easy.

If you’re a huge fan of music like we are then you’re going to like Spotify.  It makes listening, sharing, creating playlists and all that great stuff really simple.  It’s free too, and they have literally millions of songs that you can listen too on demand.  It won’t eat up your hard drive space either because it’s live. No need to download anything once the program is installed on your computer.  This is truly the future of online music.

Best Feature – Listen to your favorite tracks even when you’re offline with their offline mode.

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