QwikVu launches – the simplest way to share mockups with clients

We’ve all been there.  

You’ve spent hours crafting beautiful mockups for a new website, email the images over to the client and…their Picture Viewer squashes them beyond all recognition, ruining your hard work. 

QwikVu (http://qwik.vu) elegantly solves this problem by enabling designers to showcase their mockups in the browser, fully scrollable, at 100% scale – just as nature (and the designer) intended.   

It’s positioned as the simplest way to share mockups with clients. 

QwikVu is free to use – simply upload a file via the homepage, grab the link and share it. 

Recipients can then view the mockup in all of its glory, share it with colleagues and download the source file. Here’s an example of what they see : http://qwik.vu/example.

The Pro account, which costs $9.99 a month or $99 a year, offers loads more stuff.  Designers can create galleries, customize URLs, change background colors and alignments, add password protection and see when mockups have been viewed. 

No more email attachments, no squashed images – and no need for clients to create accounts or learn a new system.  

Use QwikVu for free (or sign up for a free 30 day Pro account trial) at http://qwik.vu.

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