Problem with IE 6 – Menu items not showing

Since I’m a firefox user I didn’t realize until now that in fucking IE 6 all my menu items are not showing :(

There is a totally different view of Web Design Blog with Firefox. You can see the menu items in the right top corner of the blog theme, the text with “Get firefox…” isn’t showing in Firefox of course, png images have NO gray background, geeez IE sure is like SHIT :(

So please, if you want to experience all what my blog has to offer, switch to Firefox. You can download firefox from here if you haven’t installed it yet.

2 thoughts on “Problem with IE 6 – Menu items not showing”

  1. I hate IE, and IE 7 isn’t that much better…
    Anyway your guys should get to firefox asap :D
    The ones that are still using IE 6 will NOT see the menu items in the top right corner. I’ve tried to fix it but with no luck. I’ve tried another theme but I like this one and this will remain. If you would like to enjoy all the features given by this blog, please get firefox.

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