Premium File Hosting Accounts Winners


Basically I’ve said that we will giveaway 20 premium accounts on, but when I saw there weren’t enough participants I’ve talked with the admin of and he upgraded all new users that came from WDB.

Hi, I”ve upgraded the accounts that came from to premium I gave all 120 days. The ones that signed up and didn’t get upgraded was because you didn’t upload any files ;)
If you feel that this was a mistake please feel free to contact me at

If you were excluded from the premium accounts, please use the above email and contact Calin from rentafile.

3 thoughts on “Premium File Hosting Accounts Winners”

  1. I would like to participate. Do I qualify for a free premium site? Do you design my commercial site?

    Please let me know, as I am looking for a site designer.

  2. This is good offer for users of premium web hosting. I think this plan
    attract more people and also make happy already members of this plan.

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