Place a login form in wordpress sidebar

Hello. We all know that logging in to WordPress will take you to a different page, different looking, with a wordpress logo on top, etc.

What would you say if you could skip this ? How ? By placing a login form right into your sidebar. It’s very simple, you don’t need to code anything, all the code can be found here.

You can even see a demo of the code on a client project – – take a look in the sidebar where you can see the “Newsletter” there are more tabs, click on “Login” and you will see the login form right there into the sidebar. With the options of Register, Forgot password. The demo is in romanian, but the script is in English.

What’s the coolest thing ? After you enter your username or password and hit enter, the screen loads and you are automatically logged in and redirected to the main page. Try for yourself on, register a username and login yourself.

You can also see that I’ve changed the login screen on, added the website logo, and changed the language from English to Romanian.

Anyway back to the script, just place the code where you want your login screen to appear. I have removed the “ul” tags from the script because it was messing up my theme. If the result doesn’t look good for you also, try the same thing, remove the “ul” tags from the script.

Credits for the script goes to WPDesigner, who modified the original script from Javier.

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