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Welcome to the Pixel Project

Web Design Blog was founded on the idea that we would reach out and speak to people worldwide about items that we felt needed more attention, observing the unobserved if you will. Growing from a daily visitor count of three unique viewers a month in early 2007, we now reach over 6.000 unique visitors / day and  over 140.000 / month, not counting RSS subscribers that are over 18.000, and growing everyday.

We have long resisted traditional advertising models and placed our priorities on content, design and community before revenue. But as with all things, as we continue to grow our expenses grow too.

We decided to take a non traditional approach to fundraising, called “The Pixel Project.” The concept is based off of Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. It allows you, the reader, to purchase advertisement on Web Design Blog to promote whatever you want in incremental amounts, to match your budget.

Each space on our grid measures 16 x16 pixels and is available for the introductory price of $50 for 6 months, which we consider a very small amount to ask to get the attention of thousands of people. Help support¬†Web Design Blog by either donating whatever you can or by purchasing a space on “The Pixel Project.”

What to do after you’ve sent the payment

You will need to send the following info to Adrian@Garcya.us:

1. Attachment of your 16×16 px button

2. Link to use for your button

3. Alt text / Title to use for your button

Don’t have to spend $50 ? See BuySellAds page where you can buy a 16×16 icon for only $10.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me. I will reply in 24 Hours MAX.

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