Pixel-Project PROMO Offer

New Promo with Pixel Project

Web Design Blog is currently running a new promo for those who wanna join the Pixel Project.

Until now the cost for a 16×16 button was $50 / 6 months.

Now you can get your icon on WDB for $5 / month or $25 for 6 months upfront payment.

So if you want a monthly payment for a 16×16 icon it will cost you $5.

If you want to pay for 6 months it will cost you $25.

How to join?

Simply send the payment to Adrian@Garcya.us via paypal ($5 or $25).

After you’ve sent your payment please email at Adrian@Garcya.us your 16×16 icon + url link + alt text and you’re done. Your link will be live right away.

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