Photoshop Experiment – Ashley Reynoso

The first submission from one of my readers Ashley Reynoso.

She called this “a half cat and half person”.

From Ashley:

” This is a photo of myself that I took and turned myself into a half cat and half person sorta thing.
I put the before and after.

yah i know its cheesy i was just bored :P”

Original image


Edited image



8 thoughts on “Photoshop Experiment – Ashley Reynoso”

  1. Thanks I like the eyes the best too. I had issues with the nose and trying to make it look as realistic as possible. What would you do to blend the nose in better?

  2. I think the RIGHT side of the nose, especially the down part must be edited cause it looks like a human nose!
    You can try to delete that part with a smaller blur opacity and eraser tool.
    I’ve used the above two and created also a small triangular in the middle of the nose to create a “cat like nose” !
    You can see the result here.

  3. I like what you did. The nose looks much better. I would make the inside cat nose part look softer though or lighter. Its sorta a work in progress while I learn. Photoshop is so much fun.

  4. Thanks. I love learning new things so im always looking for different tutorials and ways to play with pictures and stuff. I am actually going to school for graphic design as well.

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