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Free Ornamental Vectors


see the download links vector Free Ornamental Vectors

ornamental vectors vector Free Ornamental Vectors

Hello. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something, this is because I’ve got a new pc, a macbook. So because of the change from windows based pc to a mac there have been some issues in archiving / installing / editing, etc. So it took me quite a while to figure it out, but now everything is back to normal. I have all my programs installed, all the needed software was available also on mac like they where on windows, so I am in luck :)

The free ornamental vectors found in this pack are made with the latest version of Illustrator and can be used for personal use only.

Commercial license can be bought here.

ornamental vectors 1 vector Free Ornamental Vectors

ornamental vectors2 vector Free Ornamental Vectors

free download vector Free Ornamental Vectors

premium download vector Free Ornamental Vectors

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  • http://www.lyaly.net Rafat Alsoradi

    Hi Garcya,
    Hope you doing fine.

    can you please add alternative link to download this file. because rapid share is blocked in saudi arabia.

    Best Regards,

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    Hello Rafat. I am fine thank you.
    Here is your alternative download link:
    Download now

  • tecwzrd

    I’ve been tempted for years to switch over to Mac but still haven’t yet :D Congrats on the switch and glad you’re up and running again.

  • http://www.lyaly.net Rafat Alsoradi

    Thank you very much :)
    i appreciate it brother.

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    tecwzrd you should get a mac, it’s gorgeous. You need time to understand it, but after that it’s easy. I also have my old windows laptop and I’ve opened it today to check something and I continuously hit the wrong key. I was trying to ctrl a on windows, command a on mac and the command on the mac is where the alt is on windows, so obviously I was hitting the alt a beside the ctrl a :) So I can say that after 5 days on a mac you will “forget” windows :P

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  • Nina

    I love these, just gorgeous. I wonder what your TOU is? I am a digital scrapbooker and design stuff for paper crafting, which hopefully I can sell :-). May I use these?

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    You have your answer in your mail :)

  • http://twitter.com/BodasExoticas Bodas en Margarita

    excellent post, very good content.
    greetings …

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