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rs logoLike… wow. The first impression is “hey I wanted to land on, where the heck am I?”.

At least that is what I’ve said after I wanted to upload something. Since I have a premium account I said that maybe this is only for premium users, but I’ve logged out and saw a marvelous thing, the design for has completely changed.

And what’s good it’s the new way for free users to download the files, simple! You do not need to scroll down like you had to do with the last design, now everything is on your first 1024 pixels.

It’s really nice and I’m impressed of what they have done to their website. Nice job!

12 thoughts on “New design for”

  1. Haha, yeah i had the same impression. I thought is this realy rapidshare or just a fake site of someone ?

    I realy enjoy the new size limit of 50GB for premium users and large files for uploading also. It

  2. @div I saw your website, you make nice looking wordpress themes.
    How much for a theme created by you ?
    I want to make a small online store and i want to use wordpress.
    Will you be interested in working with me ?
    Let me know.

  3. I can’t download any of your stuff at Rapidshare, it keeps saying I’m already downloading something from there :((( Went through its FAQ and solutions don’t work. Sigh.

  4. @redlychee it’s probably because you share the IP with someone else.
    Try the “Alternative download” links and if not available try purchasing a premium rapidshare, it allows you to download unlimited stuff.

  5. A little correction before he may come back and tell you that you told him wrong (long sentence :) )

    It´s limited to 50 Gb each 5 days, but worth every penny you pay for the Premium Account. On the one hand you dont need to wait on the other hand you can download multiple files at the same time !

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. No I don´t think that he/she would download that much, it was just a little correction.

    I don´t download that much myself (3 people are in my network using the account shouldn´t be shared with others at the same time, otherwise it´ll be banned)

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