Need Total Commander for Mac OSX? Disk Order is for you!


If you ever used Total Commander on PC you’ve probably remembered it forever. Even today sometimes you might regret that those file management principles are not used in standard OS X applications. In the resemblance of the legendary file manager was created Disk Order for OS X. The same double pane look, the same key combinations and the same simple but yet practical interface.

Need Total Commander for OS X? Disk Order is for you

Double paned layout is almost a gift for those who daily has to work with couple of files and directories at the same time. Standard OS X Finder still opens different locations in separate windows. Jumping from one to another is not so much handy when you could have both folders open in the same window. Disk Order contains a whole set of required features: drag-&-drop, color marking, command line and Spotlight file search.

 Quite possibly you’ve been in a situation when you need to rename a dozen or even a hundred of files. When the usual file name changing scheme in OS X is far from perfection, in Disk Order you have a separate window with a huge amount of renaming parameters. File name can be set with a mask, containing creation date, time, file counter and other useful parameters… To be short, it’s really a lot of options and if you don’t understand them at first, don’t worry. The application takes a little bit of time to understand how advanced features work. But when you master it, you’ll sure notice how much time it saves.


Disk Order is stuffed with additional features, starting with FTP/SFTP client which allows to view files with simple F3 keystroke, and ending with the ability to view your iPod/iPhone/iPad music library contents. And yes, you can download music files to your hard drive. Also Dropbox is integrated, allowing to easily upload and download files from the most popular cloud storage. If it’s still not enough for you, take into account built-in archive support. Browse compressed files just like regular folders, view contents or pick something to extract. You can access computers in your local network, they’re all listed in the side bar. And finally, the application supports plugins. 7zip and RAR unpacking, quick view and so on.


User interface is pretty standard, just like probably it should be in a file manager. Here you have tabs, toolbar icons for file operations, a sidebar with your hard drives, shared computers, connected FTP servers, Dropbox and your favorite places. Everything is simple and neat.


The unregistered version of Disk Order is not feature limited and can be used for as long as 30 days. The license can be purchased for $29.95 at the official web site. I’m pretty sure, if you’re looking for reliable tool, not a fancy looking toy, you’ll find much more useful features in this application. Apart of Mountain Lion, the previous OS X releases are supported, even with PowerPC processor.

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