Need of Freelancers in your blog and how to manage them

With the growing business opportunities you may want to consider hiring flexible content contributors for projects that do not require the labor of a full-time employee. Creative fields like writing, graphic design and web design are often full of freelance workers. Going freelance with your choice of content contributors has a number of advantages attached to it like flexibility, accountability and resourcefulness, to name a few.

Freelancers work very hard in order to please you because of their direct relationship with you. You directly discuss your requirements with the freelancers and control the entire process. Working with a freelancer grants you the access to fresh ideas and new ways of working as a freelance writer is always looking for new ways to do things. By developing a healthy working relationship with a core group of freelancers, you can rely on them to know your needs and can become a vital link in your business. Freelancers undoubtedly offer you flexibility with reduced costs. 

A publisher running his site on WordPress may wish to contact multiple teams of specialized freelancers for generating quality content. But the main problem arises in collaborating and managing the multiple author teams in the absence of the right kind of software. WordPress though a very powerful CMS, faces limitation when it comes to managing multiple author newsrooms.

ContentCloud a WordPress plugin launched by Betaout is an editorial project management solution that is far more efficient for the publishers who are facing problem of collaborating with multiple teams at the same time. ContentCloud is an editorial project management solution for WordPress publishers of any level. It is a cloud based service which plugins with WordPress installations. It offers a sleek, highly intuitive and a user friendly interface with a very short learning curve.


ContentCloud empowers editors and publishers to create custom workflows with proper placement of desks. Each desk can have one or more users with same user roles. The desks can be shared across multiple publications granting publishers a highly conducive environment across their network. Editors can easily keep a track of the assignments as they move from one desk to another and can collaborate effectively within the interface.


Editors create and edit assignments for their teams, track changes, send feedback, manage deadlines and also set up their own custom workflows. Once the editors are satisfied with the content they can publish assignments directly to their WordPress sites. This is because of the seamless integration between ContentCloud and WordPress platform.

Some other features of the plugin include:

  • Resource sharing between teams
  • Editorial calendar
  • Team analytics
  • Activity feed and team management.

ContentCloud is a one must have plugin for WordPress users.

With increasing number of content contributors working remotely for online newsrooms, the ContentCloud software is on the forefront of becoming integral to digital publishing process. Now with ContentCloud, editors have to spend less time in perfecting their workflow and have their full attention in generating quality content.


About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She is a big fan of WordPress CMS, and advises different client with WordPress themes.


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