Mega Sports Vector Collection

super-soccer vector


super-soccer vector

You don’t need to be a sports fan to simply love this! Introducing an amassing mega sports vector collection that covers all major sports our days. From soccer, basketball, baseball, streetball, rugby, tennis, trophies, etc.

Below you can see all the files included in this archive.

All jpg files corresponds a EPS file (vector file).

sport-shoes vector

sport-accesories vector


tennis vector

soccer vector

soccer-kick vector

streetball vector

trophies vector

basketball-ball vector

all sports vector

snooker vector


streetball-players vector

bike-riders vector

flaming-balls vector

sport-balls vector

And… that’s all folks.

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Premium Members will have direct download links available with no wait time or download hassles and commercial license included.


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119 thoughts on “Mega Sports Vector Collection”

  1. If I pay the $5 for the sports pack, how will I then get the files? I actually need this pack for a project, like ASAP!

  2. I made a 5 dollar donation for this pack on the 30th of April, and have not yet received my download link(s)…Just checking in, as your comments above say the link(s) are normally delivered within 24 hours.

  3. Alastrina can you please tell me the email from where you sent the payment?
    I have checked my emails for 30th or April and there aren’t any payments made from the email you entered here.

  4. The one 3 up from the bottom is mine. Crimson Ecstasy Graphics is the name of my business, I didn’t realise it showed up that way when sending payments, I appologise. ^_^

  5. Ok, the email from where you sent the payments is
    The weird thing is that I haven’t received any email that you sent me a payments that’s why you didn’t received your personal download link.
    I apologize for this.
    You personal download link has just been emailed to your paypal email.
    Thank you.

  6. You’re welcome, I’m sorry that it took so long for you to receive your download link.
    Good that you have contacted me, if you didn’t you weren’t going to receive anything :P

  7. Good morning I paid 5 $ but I did not received link to download files – as Alestrina it was on April 30th, 2008 – I can send you the receipt of the paypal payment by email if you want it – Thanks for your answer

  8. Good morning I paid 5 $ but I did not accept link to download files – as Alestrina it was on April 30th, 2008 – I can send you the receipt of the paypal payment by email if you want it – Thanks for your answer

  9. This is strange, you are the second one with the same problem.
    I only can think that paypal didn’t sent any emails to me in 30th of April.
    I’ve checked and saw your payment now.
    You will be emailed with your personal download link.
    I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  10. Great work on this collection! I donated 5 dollars on 5-6-08 and haven’t received the link yet. Thanks for looking into this.

  11. Eugene I have looked into all the payments received on 6 May and didn’t find one with your email.
    Can you please tell me your paypal email address from where you sent the donation ?

  12. hello LT. i am sorry, i got no paypal account. i came from austria and i would you to ask, if i can make you an other offer to get the sportscollection. please, i need this one, urgently for a project. thank you a lot … best regards, tobster06

  13. Can you send me the download link as soon as I make the donation ? If yes I can send the payment right away

  14. Sorry you cannot donate any more.
    You have to write an article about my blog and post it on yours on on some web design / graphic design forum.
    I’ll give you then the download link.

  15. Hello I sent the requested donation on the 15th, I see you have sent the link to several other people since then. Please send the link I like this collection and would like a copy!

  16. Hey, Tony here.

    I just sent you $5 as a donation..

    Please send me the download link as i need a couple images for a demo project i am working on..

    Thanks in advance..

    Payment Info:

    Payment details

    Amount: $5.00 USD
    Transaction Date: Jan. 27, 2009
    Transaction ID: 4CS997031W042363E

    Subject: Payment For Sports Mega Pack

  17. I paid you $5 through Pay Pal yesterday for this collection – please send me the link so that I can have a copy of your excellent graphics!
    Many thanks

  18. Hey, I’ve just made a donation for this vector collection. Please can you send my the dld link. Cheers, Peter

  19. I’ve tried to use my credit card for this pack, but at the end of the form a message says that i can’t use that card because is Paypal assigned! It’s no real!
    What can I do?

  20. For those who donated lately, thank you!
    Your download link has been displaced.
    @Gaetano don’t know, it’s maybe because of your credit card. Can’t you try another one ?

  21. Hello, I paid for premium subscription and unfortunately haven’t received link — May 5, 2009 11:48:12 PDT
    Receipt No: 5516-6577-5994-5713

    1. AnnMarie you have been emailed to your paypal account with all the necessary info.
      Please check your paypal email (also check spam).
      Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

  22. This is my third attempt – I paid $5 through PayPal AGES ago, and still no reply, or how I might be able to get the vector images I paid for.
    PLEASE sort this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. This collection is excellent. The only thing I would have wished is that there were female equals of all the graphics. Thanks for all the work you put in guys!

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