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Make Money on Twitter with Sponsored Tweets


tweeter signup 125 21 vector Make Money on Twitter with Sponsored TweetsA couple weeks ago I signed up with Sponsored Tweets, a new program available through Izea. The concept of Sponsored Tweets is simply… get paid to send out tweets through Twitter. Since joining, I’ve had several opportunities come through, and have already made several hundreds of dollars. Here’s a bit more on the site and how you can make money too. View Sponsored Tweets

How does Sponsored Tweets work?

Everything about Sponsored Tweets is very simple and easy to setup. You create your account, and login with your same Twitter account info (through Twitter). Once your account is created, you just need to set how much you want to be paid per tweet, and then you wait for a new opportunity to come in. When you receive a new opportunity, you just need to approve or deny the tweet. Some advertisers write what they want you to say, but many leave that up to the tweeter. You submit the “tweet” for approved, and once approved, the money is deposit into your account.

20090828 eijk2djst51j19qkd6fi4nnc8b vector Make Money on Twitter with Sponsored Tweets

Is this allowed by Twitter, and Ethical?

20090828 m8218652a5ytrpnc2g5rgf8qrb vector Make Money on Twitter with Sponsored TweetsTo answer the most important question, YES! This is allowed by Twitter! and Sponsored Tweets mentions this several times on their web site, as they have worked with Twitter through the process of making the site. As for being “ethical”, there is full disclosure. When a tweet is sent through Sponsored Tweets, it is seen on twitter as “sponsored by…“, “Ad“, or “brought to you by..“. It’s this full disclosure that keeps the tweeter, the advertiser and the reader all legit.

What does a “sponsored tweet” look like?

Depending on whether or not your advertisers provides an ad copy, your tweet can look like anything. Whatever you submit will be sent over to Sponsored Tweets for approval. Other than that, it will look like a regular tweet going out through your account. The only difference is that the url is through bit.ly and instead of being posted from “web” or “tweetdeck”, it says “from Sponsored Tweets“… as it should for full disclosure.

20090829 ksc4jtmm76bwgx4bhdq23d9jxk vector Make Money on Twitter with Sponsored Tweets

Is anyone making Money with Sponsored Tweets?

As mentioned, in just my first couple of weeks, I’ve made an extra few hundred bucks just for a few minutes of my time approving ads, and I have a fairly small twitter followers.

Who else is partnered with Sponsored Tweets?

There are actually a decent amount of big name tweeters already signed on with Sponsored Tweets. I haven’t seen a way to signup online (have to call) as an Advertiser to access a full list of tweeters available, but they do have the following “featured tweeters” listed in the login area. Some of these accounts (like Kim Kardashian) have over 2 million followers.

20090828 rxnax4ws67s1dm3m1ag4ynecps vector Make Money on Twitter with Sponsored Tweets

That’s a quick summary of what Sponsored Tweets is all about, and how it’s making money and driving leads through Twitter. It’s fairly new, and always great to get into a new revenue source on the bottom floor.

Make Money with Sponsored Tweets

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  • http://www.zazzle.com/creativecolours* Chantelle Ccolours

    Hmmmm… sounds interesting. I'll go check it out… Thanks 4 the post:)

  • http://www.websprout.org Eric Di Bari

    This seems like a really easy way to make money. Frankly, I think facebook's ease-of-use and non-stop growth will eventually overtake twitter.

  • http://www.web-designer.me.uk Lawrence

    I'd be interested to see how well this is received by Twitter users. There's enough spam on the network already. Maybe this would clarify this kind of tweet a little better?

    • http://Garcya.us/ Garcya

      Lawrence they will not tweet anything without asking you.
      And it's some kind of “hire this twitter” so if someone wants to “use your twitter” account to tweet something it hires you through them.

  • http://www.zeimenwebdesign.com Corey Zeimen

    Any chance they are really paying out here?

    • http://Garcya.us/ Garcya

      Don't see why not?

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