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About the book:

Twitter Essential Training explains how to use Twitter; an online microblogging service that offers a way to share short bites of information instantly with others. Instructor Maria Langer first explains what Twitter is and how its service is used by individuals and businesses.

She demonstrates how to sign up, send and read Twitter updates (also called “tweets”), and build a network of friends. The training describes how to get the most out of Twitter by customizing an individual profile, setting options, and tapping into third-party resources that make it easier to follow and send updates.

If youre new on Twitter, you can follow me and start receiving all WDB updates directly on Twitter.

See the training here.

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  1. I have used many times and the video tutorials are of a high standard and easy to understand. I would recommend their product as I have learned so much that I know the time/money invested has paid for itself as I have become a more efficient and skilled web designer. I thought the series on SEO was very good.

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