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After I’ve updated WordPress to 2.6.3 Lightbox stopped working, and don’t ask me why, I didn’t changed anything in the layout of the blog.

It was fustrating since with Lightbox not working all the images on the blog where opening in a new window, very annoying.

I’ve found a Lightbox alternative for WordPress 2.6.3, that will work like a charm to all images already present on your blog. The plugin is Shutter Reloaded and the author says that it’s even faster than Lightbox, we’ll see ;)

Anyway here’s a demo of what the plugin does, if you didn’t saw that on other posts with images.

garcya design

Download the plugin here or visit the plugin homepage

2 thoughts on “Lightbox alternative for WordPress”

  1. Ah! This is just what the doctor order! Tell me where did you find this little gem? I would say that it definitely loads lots faster than the old lighbox. Il be using this one from now on, thanks for sharing.

  2. @Caring: I’m starting to switch with this one on all over my blogs and clients websites, it doesn’t need any js, external libraries and stuff like that. Just simple.

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