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Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop


In this awesome photoshop video tutorial you’ll learn how to combine body parts, you’ll learn how to create those cool images you saw on the net with britney spears naked and other fun photos.

In this tutorial we’ll mix up the legs of a guy, the body of a beautiful woman and the head of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here’s the guy we are using

2h3sgad vector Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop

And the girl…

b6yfk0 vector Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop

and of course Arnold’s head :)

107rtpj vector Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop

and… the final image

aym48x vector Learn how to combine body parts with Photoshop

You can use the above pictures to create your own version of the body mixing and post the results here, I’d love to see the outcome.

Combining body parts with Photoshop from Adrian on Vimeo.

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  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    Question: Is the video working for you guys?

  • Ann

    no, the video is not working for me……….

  • http://www.Garcya.us Garcya

    Video is working now, uploaded on vimeo.

  • Ann

    Works now fine, nice tutorial, thank you!

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  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk gareth – web design

    WOW! Super Sexy Schwarzenegger! Can’t wait for the new True Lies Movie!

  • http://www.ginismagic.blogspot.com Regina

    As much as the final image freaks me out, lol, this is a really great tutorial. Thorough and informative.

  • http://www.freelance-website-designers.co.uk Freelance Website Designer

    You can have some fantastic fun with photoshop, it is a shame more people dont put a little more effort in to their website designs. We always try to be creative with adobe photoshop when creating website for clients.

  • http://www.oneway.de webhosting

    Wow, very nice to look at. Sexy Terminator. Must try that too.

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  • joan

    hi i just want to say that i thought that that tutorial was very clear an easy to follow as i am just a beginer on photoshop, it was just what i was looking for and explained stepby step very well thanks for the help :)

  • http://www.premierpixels.com Las Vegas Web Design

    Thank you for posting.

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