Killer tips to help you develop a killer mobile app

If you want to be the next Dick Costolo in the making, then indeed you will have to cross a number of hurdles. Developing an impressive mobile software is indeed a onerous task even for the best app developer, so what are the tips that can help you produce something out of the box and stand out from the crowd? Since there are a plethora of choices available when it comes to mobile applications, thanks to the drastic increase in the smartphone users, you have to be different and creative. Read on to know some of the basics.

  • Before you start taxing your brain and begin with the development, it is important to seek the advice of User Experience Experts. Ask them about their recommendations and accordingly frame an idea. Hiring an expert is also not a problem as your investment will be completely worth if you deliver something that is appreciated by your end users.
  • Don’t deliver a complex app. Make sure that it user friendly. The users should be able to navigate seamlessly and also make the most of your app. Delivering something too complicated will spoil the deal.
  • Once you have decided the niche of the mobile app you would be working on, check out the similar apps and their popularity statistics. This will also give you a clear idea of the user expectations and also how to strike the chord with the people using the particular app by delivering them something where the present apps lack.
  • Choosing the operating system or the platform for your mobile app is another important step. The market is flooded with a number of popular platforms such as Andrioid, iOS and Blackberry. Before deciding on the particular operating system, you need to know your target audience and be familiar with the pros and cons of each platform. If you want a wider reach, zero in on a web app, which will cater all platforms. And if you want a smoother, faster user experience, go for a native app.
  • If you are working on an app which requires personal information then make sure that the information is secure and protected. Follow the three rules of privacy: confidentiality, integrity and encryption to boost the confidence of the users in your app.
  • Do not forget to add some impressive graphics to the app. Of course, graphics cast the first impression on your end users and whatever functionality your app delivers, you cannot do away with the graphics. Deliver something which appeals visually, imagine yourself to be the end user and think about what you would expect in an app. Hiring an expert graphic designer isn’t a bad idea either and you can experiment with colors and images to impart a good look and feel to the app.
  • With the increasing role of social networking websites in today’s time, you cannot ignore their role. Integrate the social networking sites with your app and you can expect surprises. In fact, a 6 % increase in the number of app downloads has been recorded this year solely due to this reason.
  • Before you release your app, you can go for a round of Beta testing with your family and friends. Encourage them to use your app and you can do with their pieces of tips and advices.
  • Set the pricing in such a way that it does not burn a hole in the pocket of the users. It should be worth the price you are setting for it.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to encourage your users for their reviews. Make sure that you make your users a part of the development by listening to them, their suggestions and advices. Ask them to leave their feedback about their favorite features in the app and also the features which they do not appreciate. This will help you improve your app and add all those features which the users wish to see in your app.

These were some of the killer tips which will help you deliver something that the users will appreciate and talk about – that something would be your killer app.


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