Joomla Mobile Extensions that Every Developer Must Have

Joomla CMS being an honorable and successful open source project has already proved its competitive capacity. Joomla stays in the list of top 3 most popular CMS software platforms. Of course WordPress and Drupal have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as Joomla.

Mobile design has become the most significant web design trend in 2011 and now it is not going to stop its victorious march around the web. Today we would like to show you some popular Joomla mobile extensions that will help you manage your website with the help of mobile devices, customize website’s layout by making it mobile-friendly and so on. Unfortunately there are not many useful and reliable mobile extensions for Joomla but we’ve picked some for you. So, here they are.

J Admin Mobile


J Admin Mobile is an excellent tool that allows to manage your Joomla site remotely. Basically you can View/Add/Edit/Delete Articles, Sections, Categories, Users, Menus, Menu Items and so on. This is one of the back-end mobile extensions for Joomla administrators so far.



This efficient responsive extension will help you to properly display Joomla websites on iPhones, Androids and Blackberry. Among its great features we should mark out advanced user agent detection, multi site support, flexible layout settings, sub-domain redirection etc.

Mod QRcode for Joomla!1.5


Following Joomla extension converts data into a QRcode image which is very user-friendly feature and popular trend nowadays. Don’t leave your mobile visitors ability to use QR code as the alternative source of information.



Joooid is an Android client for Joomla. With the help of this extension you can publish articles with various content including galleries and geolocated maps. Also you can use the article manager that allows to browse, preview, edit, publish or trash articles.

Auto Template Switcher


As it comes from the name of this extension it changes the template of your Joomla website by switching special template just for iPhone or iPod users. Other stand alone browsers will display you a normal full-sized website.

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This article is provided by TemplateMonster; the company is widely known for offering stunning Joomla Templates. Btw, their Joomla 1.7 templates are fully compatible with the latest version of the Joomla CMS (Joomla 2.5.0).

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