Iwork – Free WordPress Theme


Iwork is a free wordpress theme with two columns and some custom plugins that includes a banner ad rotator.



12 thoughts on “Iwork – Free WordPress Theme”

  1. Hi there. Great template. There’s only one problem though — the image list.png is missing from the images folder and it’s being referenced in the css. Do you have this image or should I just remove the css entry?


  2. Hello David.
    I honestly didn’t saw that, but I think you can find any arrows or small buttons that can replace the ones that are missing right ?
    Simply rename them into list.png and place them into the image folder. Right ? :)

  3. It’s an interesting template. I like it. Unfortunately, I can’t use it because I have an account on 20six.co.uk and there is another platform. Just wondering, because I’m not very good in blog platform or other kinds, do you have any idea about a template besides those designed by them? An \d really, I don’t want to make a Blogger or WordPress account because I already have :)

    P.S. What kind of coffee do you like so I can get you a thermos until I finish writing?

  4. SOPHYA i honestly don’t know anything about 20six.co.uk . What makes them so special that you don’t want to use only your wordpress or blogger accounts?
    And about the coffee, anything is fine :D thank you :P

  5. Hi Garcya, Thanks for this nice theme. I have once issue. It shows up fine in Mozilla, but in IE it seems to have been misaligned. Any suggestions?

  6. Balaji I’m using linux ubuntu, so there is no IE for me here.
    So I can’t test the theme there, probably if you take a screenshot of the theme in IE and show it to me I will know what code you’ll need to change in the css file. Because there is the problem, you’ll need to create a ie.css and a firefox.css for both browsers.

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