Is My Web Design TOO Clean?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. But you know what … who’d want to be God anyway?! Omnipotence is just so much work. By parallel (and for many other reasons we’re about to explore!), you don’t want to make your website design too clean. It is possible to have too much of a good thing … but where the heck do you draw the line amid all that white space? We explore where minimalism in web design stops and blinding boredom begins.


Why the World Needs Clean Websites

Naturally, some level of minimalism is absolutely essential in a website design. Cluttered sites make usability difficult and ultimately affect conversion rates, preventing your website doing what it’s supposed to do. A clean web design also reflects a certain professionalism and a clarity of purpose in your actual business.

 But Not Too Clean!

Frank Zappa once implored us to “Give me your dirty love” … and ever since, the world has known that a bit of grit, realism and unbridled enthusiasm is okay to show!


While considering your website design, remember that a site which appears “too clean” may:

  • Give visitors the impression that you couldn’t be bothered putting any effort into the design
  • Look ‘homemade’
  • Actually be just as difficult to navigate as a cluttered site, if you’ve spent a lot of time cutting down and compressing the paths that visitors can take
  • Only elements which stand out compared to all the others are able to direct your visitors’ eyes. So SOMETHING has to break the minimalist mould!


You need only enough white space to allow the important ‘foreground’ elements of your website design – both visual and practical – to become prominent.


Distinguishing Your Gentleman

So, what’s the solution? How far do you go? When do you stop? How many roads must a man walk down? Consider these ideas and guidelines for distinguishing YOUR minimalist web design from all the others:

  • Use one or two photos per page
  • Introduce texture into your white space (using a patterned background, for example)
  • Consider using a more intricate font for some textual elements
  • Create multiple paths for visitors to take from a single page but ensure they are well delineated


Ultimately, the balance between cleanliness and dirty love is in the hands of an inspired and disciplined web design team.

About the author: Lava is a Digital Agency in Melbourne that has attracted some of the best online strategists, web developers and application experts. Lava is a Digital Agency that specialises in digital strategyand tactical services that create highly customized websites in addition to digital products. We are a digital agency that works close with our loyal clients to ensure that the exact outcome they desire.

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