Internet Explorer 8 Beta

internet explorer 8 beta

I know, yes: Internet Explorer SUCKS, firefox rules, but it’s a cool news for every geek out there.

What I see new and cool about IE 8 is that it added some nice features for bloggers if I can say that. You can right click on a content from a website and submit it to,, etc.

You can also Google for the selected words, also with right click, you can search on Google maps for a specific location, etc.

Of course there is a lot more of it, but you can read them at the official website.


What I see interesting

11 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8 Beta”

  1. I think IE8 will be the next disappointment for us the web developers…

    why is there even a discussion between IE7 Standards and IE8 Standards? They are Standards! Standards should be the same for everyone! WTF? if they are not the same then they are not standards are they! Why not use the real standards? Stop trying to change the standards and build a browser that i do not have to implement 1001 hacks for to make my web pages look right.

  2. You’re right.
    I honestly am afraid of looking at my blog / other website I’ve made in Internet Explorer. Only when I think that if I do look I have a huge amount of work to do after.
    That’s why I refuse it, and suggest my clients to use firefox.
    Anyway most of the people are using firefox now, only those who are new to internet browsing are still with explorer.

  3. hey guess what, I’m writing this comment from IE 8 :)
    The blogs looks exactly like in firefox, but the typing of the text is kind of “slow” if I can say this. I type but the text appears a little after…
    Anyway guess what, I’ve installed IE8, restarted my laptop, and when I run it the first time “DrWatson postmorten debugger has encountered a fatal erros and needs to shut down” :) that’s perfect for the first time run… what to say more? IE sucks, get firefox now.

  4. Apparently IE 8 is really attempting to rival FF – Microsoft in their continuous fight for power, but after wrestling with IE 6/7 for years I don’t think I will ever be going back!

  5. well yes, BUT ONLY FOR TESTING!!!

    ie8 IS much better than 7, but that doesnt make it good, and ff3 is the best

  6. Well, IE dont have “addons”.
    Thats make it FF always better than IE.
    I can do all IE new stuff with a couple of addons in ff.

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