Hypercube rotation


Very nice animated gif! What ? You where thinking that’s flash ? :)

4 thoughts on “Hypercube rotation”

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  2. I just need advice, with seo, I feel like I am not doing enough with driving traffic to our website. I believe site is good, look and feel, some improvements are still being made. But i feel not enough people seing it. PPC is too expensive. Just need more exposure and dont know what else to do to attract the traffic we need. I feel we are close to a breakthrough but still has not see it happen.

  3. Well first of all, the site looks good!
    I saw you have promotions, new product spotlights so why not create a blog ? A blog is a PERFECT way to announce the new promotions, the new products, etc.
    But you’re not doing the blog just for that, you’re doing it for the search engines.
    It appears like blogs are the fastest way of going “on-line” on google and other search engines.
    So i strongly suggest on setting up a wordpress blog, than try to populate it with content what you have on your store. Put the new products, etc. Everything you want, write it on your blog, you will see the results :)

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