HUGE Vector Collection

HUGE Vector Collection

Web Design Blog proudly presents a HUGE collection of vector files, the most complete vector collection available.

Over 100 different vectors designs in both AI and EPS files with Previews included, awesome!


There are even more in the archive, over 100 vector files, over 70 MB of EPS and AI vectors.


Premium Direct Download Link


11 thoughts on “HUGE Vector Collection”

  1. Hi Garcia,
    I found somwehere on the net that you should have a huge collection of car vectors.
    I’m trying to find the vectors of the BMW 5 series, better if side, up, back and front, because I would like to study a “painting” of a racing car.
    Do you have it?

  2. Dear Garcya,
    Thanks for being a great help for all the art lovers.
    I’m not able to download any of the vector collection. It says at the bottom to login or become a member. Can you please explain how to do the same


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