How to make Safari open urls in new Tab instead of New Window


I’ve used Firefox until now, even when I was on a Windows machine, but after a while you feel like Firefox is not moving that fast as it use to. This is maybe because it’s fully loaded with plugins / addons and other stuff that makes Firefox great.

Since I’m on a Mac, Safari comes built in and believe me, Safari is much faster than Firefox and has his advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re a Safari user the most annoying this is probably all your links open in a new window instead of a new tab as you might want. This was the thing that kept me between using Safari or Firefox.

Is there a fix for this, you ask? Yes there is. (But only for Mac users, sorry Windowers :p )

To make Safari open all your links into a new tab (if they are made to open in a new window) all you have to do is go to your Applications folder and then to Utilities folder and open Terminal.

After Terminal is opened Quit Safari!

In terminal window copy and past the code below and hit enter ( Is Safari Closed? Quit Safari if not )

Copy-Paste this: defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

Now you can quit Terminal and open Safari – All your new links will open in a Tab :)

Questions? Just ask!

Image Safari vs Firefox (C) –

5 thoughts on “How to make Safari open urls in new Tab instead of New Window”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’m new to using a Mac as my company is going down the path of iPhone development, and have found it very easy to use so far. Little tips and tricks like these are very helpful for me though as I take this stuff for granted on Windows.

  2. i tried lots of site but this one is the only one that worked with me as the explication here is really better

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