How to easy search domain names

If you’re here now on this blog and reading this I bet you have a domain name, maybe more than one, or your that person who buys domains and then resells them?

Either way I’m sure you want to know a easy domain check online tool. does exactly that: instant domain check using ajax.

pcnames search

Take my search for example: I’ve just typed Garcya and the website displayed the results showing the available domain extensions. As you can see it’s accurate and tru, as all those domain names are taken by me.

available domain infoIf you hover an available domain it will show you more info and websites where you can buy that particular domain and their price.

Special offers are also available!

The same thing is available when you hover your mouse to a taken domain. It will show you a screenshot, who is info, visit site and the option to hire a broker if you’re planning to make a offer to the current domain owner. PS: is not for sale ;-)

Bulk domain search

If you want to buy multiple domains or not sure of their names, a good way is a bulk search url.

You can type as many domain names (keywords) and the website will show you all the available and taken extensions for the search list you provided.

Anything you have in mind with domains I’m sure you’ll find very useful.

1 thought on “How to easy search domain names”

  1. Great article, Christopher !

    I would like to add that the new .co domain is a great alternative to .com.

    1. Only 500.000 registered until now since the launch in June. 176m .com to compare
    2. Google has approved .co as a domain for international use, meaning that their search engine sees .co websites as interesting both for their local and global search engine.

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