How to clean your Mighty Mouse

Since I own my MacBook this is the second time the “Mighty” Mouse has problems with the “steering” wheal (the scroll, of course). The first time, the scroll stopped working and I couldn’t scroll either down or up, but last time the problem was solved quickly by adding pressure to the scroll bar and then clean it.

This time was completely different, the scroll bar stopped working down. All the “hard” methods I’ve applied didn’t work. So what did I do? Here’s the “guide”:

  1. You take the mighty mouse, un-plugg it and told it tight :)
  2. You grab a toothbrush, a new one is better.
  3. You start by “brushing up” the scroll bar, just like you do with your teeth.
  4. Textures and “dirt” have to come out, clean it away and continue brushing the scroll bar.

By “brushing the scroll bar” I want to say that you have to put the toothbrush hair inside the scroll bar location and then rotate the mouse. It’s simple and you don’t need my “tutorial” for this, you’ll figure it out. The only “ingenious” thing about this “method” of cleaning the mighty mouse is the toothbrush, the rest is up to the cleaner :)

PS: If this doesn’t work… well:

  1. Get the mighty mouse
  2. Place it on the floor
  3. Get a hammer (or something hard)
  4. Smash the might mouse
  5. Go to
  6. Buy a new mouse :D

9 thoughts on “How to clean your Mighty Mouse”

  1. First; Thank you for a great blog!

    But… One thing with your “how to”. This type of cleaning might work. But its not time efficient.

    Try placing a normal white A4 sheet (or whatever format you use) on your table. Then turn around your Mighty Mouse. Now “drive” your scroll ball around on the paper – if you add a “drruumm druuum”-car-look-alike-sound it will do it even better.

    I’ll do this every time. It’s quick and really working!

    Cheers from Sweden //F

  2. @Steffen trust me, nobody wants to do ALL THAT SHIT just to clean their mouse :) I’ve seen the video just before I’ve cleaned my mouse. I was looking for a “tutorial” on how to clean the mouse.

    @Filip believe me, I’ve done that, and a few other things I’ve found on youtube, even but none worked. I’m not saying that “my version” will work for others, it simply worked like a charm for my mighty mouse and I’ve wanted to share with others.

  3. Filip, thank you!!!! I had the same problem as this person: my mouse wouldn’t scroll down. I turned it over an “drove it across a white piece of paper and it works great now!!

    I’m sure the toothbrush method would have worked too but I tried that one first.

  4. And as far as that video goes, that’s a lot of work to fix a little scroll ball. The guy obviously isn’t filming the first time he’d done it. Taking apart glued plastic doesn’t run so smoothly. And I’d rather not gut my mouse–if anything snaps, you’d be screwed. Some of the commentators have far better suggestions.

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