How much should US Logo Designers earn? Salary Survey!

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Logo and Graphic designing is indeed a very offbeat and intriguing job with a somewhat fluctuating salary. So, all those individuals who have lately made their advent to the field of logo design might be pondering on this question regarding ‘how much their average salaries should be?’

Well, the most appropriate answer to this question is that, a Logo designer’s salary varies from person to person based on their skill and efficiency. I have discussed in details about the varied salary patterns of an US Logo designer. Read on, to know more.

What is the average salary of Logo designers in US?

The average salary of an US graphic designer basically depends on his work experience, skills, efficiency, the size of the market and also the type and size of the company he’s working for. A graphic designer has to constantly upgrade his skills and experiences from time to time so that he can earn a more promising salary. In order to garner some idea regarding the average salary of a US graphic designer I have sought the help of AIGA. According to AIGA reports Logo designers in different fields are paid differently. Moreover their salaries also vary regarding their position in the Logo designing niche.

An entry level or an intermediate designer is approximately paid $28000-$30000 whereas a senior designer makes $40-$50k on a yearly basis. This salary pattern is highly dependent on the size of the company and the company profile. Again, a Senior Art Director manages to make $60k-$80k,however this again depends on the stability of the company he’s working for and his efficiency as an art director. A freelancer may also earn a handsome sum. Based on his ability as a logo designer his salary can vary from $10-$15 per hour. In the following text I have made a detailed analysis of the salary pattern of Logo designers in different fields:

Salary of an Efficient and Experienced Logo Designer

An efficient and experienced logo designer working in top multinational companies like Apple, Yahoo, Google, HCL or Microsoft may earn a salary ranging from $5000-$8000 a month. The average salaries of such designers are likely to be around $6,500 per month. These logo designers usually have 5 years or more experience and they are highly competent in their fields.

Salary of a Game Designer/Software Designer

Game designers and Software designers are usually sought for in order to make an attractive and eye-catching company logo. The designers in this field are highly proficient in using Photoshop and other editing tools. These Game and software designers need to have an experience of 2-10 years in order to earn a monthly salary of $3000-$5000.

Salary of Logo Designers working for a Commercial Purpose

Commercial logo designers usually make money by designing logos for advertisements, web banners and various other public purposes. The main advantage of being a commercial logo designer is that you can expand in the niche of Logo designing and you do not have to work for a specific organization. Commercial Logo designers may or may not be experienced in the field and can earn a salary of $3000-$4000 on a monthly basis.

Salary of Graphic Designers working under the Print media and the Printing press

Designing jobs under the print media and the printing press have been one of the most common and popular job for the US citizens. The individuals of this field can work as freelancers or under various organizations, newspaper or magazine banners and the printing press. However, the competition under this field is extremely tough and there’s a huge demand of graphic designers in this field. These designers are proficient in making unique and chic logos. About 1-2years experience is required for this job in order to earn a salary of $3000 per month.

Salary of Fresher Logo Designers

It is definitely tough for the newbie logo designers to establish themselves in this field at the very beginning. They need to upgrade their talents, experiences and competence in order to reach their desired position in the graphic designing niche. Based on their skills and competence their salary may vary around $3000 per month.

On the whole we can conclude with the fact that the salary of a graphic designer may vary from person to person. One has to garner skills beyond his degrees and diplomas to earn more. A recent survey states that, the, number of graphic designers are likely to increase to 13% in the next 8 years. So Logo designing is definitely a promising profession with a bright prospect where you can set your imagination to wings.

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