How much does it cost to run a blog

If you want to start your own blog, on your own domain with your own hosting you probably want to know how much will it cost you. So here we go:

The starting price is minimal, you only need to buy a domain name ( $7.49 on godaddy ) and a hosting plan for a started blog isn’t going to be much $4.99 on bluehost (see how to choose your web host wisely ). So for now it’s only $12.48 and you can have your own blog up and running, minimal costs.

But what if you become popular? will your normal hosting still do the thing for you? of course not. You’ll need to upgrade to a private vps (virtual private server) and yeah, that is expensive. The VPS hosting this blog and my other websites costs $250 / month, but worth every penny.

I’ll show you now how much bandwidth and storage you will use if you have many visitors, but either way, the best thing is to get a hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage, that will do the trick.

In October I’ve used over 680 GB of bandwidth with my blog:

october bandwidth

Now I’m currently using 2507.57/∞ MB and 490853.15/∞ MB.

That’s really something right? That’s why you HAVE TO get unlimited bandwidth and storage, it will help you a lot.

3 thoughts on “How much does it cost to run a blog”

  1. How do you use even more than 1GB? Most of your content is text based with a few graphics and all most all your files are hosted elsewhere???

    You link to bluehost which I prefer also but currently they list:
    UNLIMITED Hosting Space
    UNLIMITED File Transfer

    Also most VPS hosting plans give you 1000GB transfer a month for $80 or less.

  2. Having more than 5k unique visitors / day and over 15k hits / day is sufficient enough to get all that bandwidth usage I host most of my files here, only large files are hosted on rapidshare.

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