Headaches at an End with UI Kits from PixelKit


Headaches at an End with UI Kits from PixelKit

Here’s a typical headache that might sound familiar to you: You are in the midst of a web design project and you find yourself spending hours doing a UI kit. Now, you know this part of the project won’t earn you a lot of income, but it is essential and the client expects it.  The risk here is that they might not like it, it might not work well with the HTML grid, and it might be something you end up “subbing out”.

Even then, the subcontractor may take too long, do poor work, or not satisfy your client’s design needs and that means you end up holding the bag, looking bag, and out of some serious income. What’s the best way to overcome this? Doing it yourself does save money, but not time. Paying someone is a risk. Skipping UI kits is not possible.

The Details Matter A Lot

You know that the choices you make for user interface elements can make or break the entire design project, but spending many hours tweaking these features can be a waste of resources. However, a job that is missing those elements is likely to leave a customer dissatisfied, and that is even riskier than tackling the work and assuming the out of pocket costs.

This means that you have to find a middle ground that lets you inset unique UI kits but which will not cost dearly. You can go online and “Google” some solutions, but none of the results will fit into any sort of mid-range structure. Sure, there will be some cheap resources (but they always look as cheap as their price). You can also find the people who specialize in this work, but that is never going to be at a mid-range price.

So, the ideal solution would be a resource that provides you with out of the box designs that are affordable and yet unique. Fortunately, there is such an answer.

The Go-To Solution

For the designer in need of a workable and reliable solution, PixelKit is among the simplest of go to resources. It is a firm that emphasizes UI kits and elements. Designers can find an enormous library of coordinating icons, menu elements, app screens, buttons, sliders, visual items and much more. Rather than finding a package of “general” tools, this site gives clients a complete UI kit solution that doesn’t miss a single essential detail or facet of design.

Of course, the cost for such convenience is important, and here too PixelKit stands apart from the crowd. Rather than asking premium prices per product, or even per month, the site uses a single and affordable annual subscription fee of $39. This gives unlimited access to the UI kits, and ensures that the designer has all of the tools needed for success.

What to Expect

What can you expect from a PixelKit subscription? There are a lot of things available through the site, and all of them touch on user interface design. The most important features include:

  • HTML function – unlike many other pre-designed UI options, those from PixelKit are compatible with 960 grids. This means that they can be inserted and incorporated into almost any sort of HTML structure.
  • Expansive graphic options – so many of the other web design and UI product firms boast of their wide range of choices, and while some do indeed have a lot of basic options they are also very limited where graphics are concerned. This site ensures that each kit is extremely flexible and diverse in order to ensure that the designer can use the UI features to the greatest extent.
  • Going mobile – you cannot work in web design if your projects cannot go mobile. The UI elements available from PixelKit are ready to be used in even the most complex mobile applications and sites.
  • Vector quality – the coveted vector quality is not always available with pre-packaged designs, but the graphics in any UI kit will be entirely scalable. From full screen to tiny icon, the graphics are the highest quality possible.
  • New designs all of the time – unlike many other UI sites, this one is updated every single month with new designs that help you keep your work fresh and exciting.

In Conclusion

The use of PixelKit means that you save yourself time and money while getting truly unique looks and results. This allows you flexibility and the opportunity to move quickly through projects and to build up your bottom line. You need to explore the different options available through this site in order to appreciate what a complete solution is offered.

Just out of curiosity; how are you meeting your UI kit needs now? Do you subcontract or tackle the work yourself?

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