Great Combined Pictures – A Fun Pack

Great Combined Pictures - A Fun Pack

Hey guys, today WDB brings to you a pack of combined elements from 2 different worlds…that of the real world and those of the cartoon world, brought together in a very funny pack of images…check out the gallery below and you will know what I mean!

Commercial license is available only for the vectors on and can be purchased here.

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2 thoughts on “Great Combined Pictures – A Fun Pack”

  1. I appreciate political satire; but when you defame a picture that has the only receipient of the Congressional Medal Of Honor of the United States for VALOR that shows an enormous level of ignorance and lack of respect for the services of the young men and women of the United States and Nato Nations … whomever posted this is a brainless ignorant and spineless individual … now do you want to know how I really feel!

  2. If that was a question you should`ve used a question mark…it’s somewhere in the right side, near the shift key…and no nobody cares how you feel!Get some sense of humor little buddy, and don’t talk about Mickey Mouse like that, he brought more smiles on people’s faces then your congressional medals of honor.
    Peace off!

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