Google Chrome for Mac

google chrome for mac

As you may know there isn’t a Google Chrome version for Mac and Linux users but if you really want to see Chrome in action on your Mac there is a easy way.

Yes, you don’t need to install Windows with BootCamp, you don’t need CrossOver or any other application that helps you run windows software, there is a direct dmg file that will install Google Chrome on your Mac.

The program is called Chromium and it’s developed by Codeweavers. I’ve also installed it because I wanted to see how Chrome looks like and how it operates but not beeing a native Mac application it looks and acts like it’s on Windows and that’s bad.

When you first time start the application it might take long to start, just wait, it will work. (I’ve waited over 3 minutes I think).

From what I’ve seen flash isn’t available so you won’t see websites made in flash or any flash banners / headers.

Anyway, give it a try, download & test Google’s Chrome on Mac and then delete it until a native app will be available for Mac.

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