Google Adsense for Search equals cash

Do you use Google Adsense for Search on your blog ? If you not you should read my last post regarding the implementation of Adsense for Search into WordPress. From there you can learn how to easy implement Adsense for search into wordpress without your users know that they are searching your blog with Google Adsense for search and give you money by doing this.

Of course they, personally, don’t give you a cent, but Google does. Last month (May) since I’ve implemented Adsense for search I’ve made $25.29. It’s not much but it’s a way of monetizing your blog and also provide a useful search engine for your blog.

How much do you earn with Google Adsense for Search ?

8 thoughts on “Google Adsense for Search equals cash”

  1. Hi again. I was wondering if you’ve noticed any kind of drop in hits since you started using Google Ads on your site. I’m considering doing the same but I find them pretty annoying and thought others might too.

  2. @Brendan: No there isn’t any drop of hits, your users will still read you if you have ads. That is if you have what to say.
    Anyway the ads where here from the start of the blog.

    @Amit what image isn’t working ?

  3. Hi I put adsense for search on my site and it’s not working. Just checked back to make sure I checked the open new google window and that it moved from new to active. When I checked it wasn’t there, it’s been removed from my google account. Does anyone know why? I haven’t adjusted it in anyway. Prior to me putting in the new search I had one before, which seemed to work fine, till I checked that it wasn’t my google adsense id being used but someone elses.

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