In partnership with you can win some cool flash effect components. offers a wide rage of flash effects, that can easily implemented by designers and beginner or intermediate level programmers, since no ActionScript knowledge is required. The most popular one are the (all links open in new window) Mask Effect, Water Reflection Effect, Shuffle Effect, Cube Effect or the Smoke Effect. Also they have a Flash Effects Tutorial site, where you can find tutorials to the effects. Here some impressions:

We give away one Bundle v3.0 (AS2 or AS3) that contains all available effects alongside with three individual effects of your choice (AS2 or AS3). To win one of the prizes leave a comment and tell us:

Which effect from you like the most?

Optionally you can suggest an effect. Maybe will produce this effect sometime in the future. Good luck!

How long will the contest run?

You can submit your comments from 31th of May to 5th of June.


  1. For me the best effect is the Shuffle Transition Effect.
    I think it show a nice Dynamic.
    Maybe you can use water to do some nice effect with sound incorporated.

  2. I’m kind of crazy about the smoke and the fire effect! Would love to put that, those, on my site. I have a practice site, where I’m trying work out all the 3 column, bg texture, vector, etc. elements, so if the main site looks kind of meh, it’s because I’m working on it elsewhere! But you will also see how smoke and fire would be perfect for my niche.

    Throwing my hat in the ring!

  3. Smoke effect is Awsome. I think I can suggest a water-splat or a color splat like effect in flash. If they can develop a tool which generates random color-splats, it would just too good.

  4. Wow, they are all great. I think I like the Dream Sequence the best though.
    Thanks for the contest!

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